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Well, first of all, this blog is focused on responsible gun owners who may have to use a firearm for personal defense. So the Alec Baldwin shooting incident falls outside of our normal purview. However there are important lessons to be learned here.

This blog has already discussed the importance of always practicing firearms safety fundamentals in every situation. We teach that even in simulator sessions when using laser pistols. Regardless of the type or nature of the firearm, safety is paramount. This story is a good example of why that is the case.

But the real story here is how the law works and what one should do when involved in an incident. The simple answer is, keep your mouth shut. Andrew Branca, once again, lays out why this is so important in his excellent way. Please take the time to understand the principles in this article.

Stay sharp and stay safe.

Jim Anthony – Founder
Indiana Responsible Gun Owners

Welcome to our show today in which we mostly cover Alec Baldwin’s rather damning interview with sheriff’s deputies, the investigators on this matter of Baldwin’s shooting dead of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, immediately after the shooting.

A few preparatory remarks before I get into the meat of this.

Columbo Isn’t the Dummy He Makes Himself Out to Be!

First of all, for those of you of a certain age, you may remember the old TV show, “Columbo”. Colombo was kind of a bumbling detective who was always investigating, typically, murders that were committed by nominally very smart, wealthy individuals. Columbo’s kind of poorly dressed, didn’t come across as extremely bright. And these wealthy smart killers were invariably caught, tripped up by Columbo, who despite his appearance was very clever indeed. And often they were trapped because the wealthy killers the “smart” killers would trap themselves because of their hubris, their pride, their ego, they just presumed they were smarter than everybody else.

And I definitely get that vibe from Alec Baldwin in this video. Here he is a multimillionaire movie star, famous the globe over. And he’s dealing with two podunk, I’m sure in his view, podunk sheriff’s deputies investigating the shooting. And they’re both women. And Alec Baldwin strikes me as the kind of guy who believes that women just throw themselves at him, and perhaps they do.

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