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Greg Ellifritz is a highly experienced and knowledgeable firearms instructor. I can’t recommend strongly enough subscribing to his content for any gun owner who wants to be responsible and competent. The article below is an excellent example of scenario-based training and education. May we all make it a habit to review our mental preparation strategies on a regular basis. Know, Decide, Act.
Jim A.

It hasn’t been long since movie theaters re-opened after being closed for nearly a year during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Predictably, shortly after re-opening we’ve seen our first movie theater shooting.

On Monday night, a suspect shot two people in the head during a screening of, wait for it, “The Forever Purge,” a movie about an annual day of lawless killing. There were only six tickets sold for this show and apparently only the victims and the suspect showed up. The suspect shot both victims and then fled. Staff found the dead and injured victims when the movie ended.

Have you ever thought about what you might do if you were engaged by an active killer while watching a film at a movie theater? Here are some things you should be considering:

1) Choose your seats wisely.

I always sit on the aisle, ideally in one of the “separator rows” that have more legroom in front. I want to be able to instantly move if I have to react. I don’t want to be trapped in a middle seat and be forced to scramble over dozens of obese, popcorn eating moviegoers to engage a shooter or escape. More specifically, I sit with my left arm on the aisle and my right side toward my companion. I carry my gun on my right side. If I have to engage in a hand to hand struggle with the shooter in the aisle, it will be slightly harder for him to access my right hand to foul my draw. Additionally, if I am disabled or occupied fighting the shooter, it gives my (potentially) unarmed companion better access to my weapon.

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