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Most negligent discharges of a firearm happen during careless administrative handling. Often, a gun will be fired unintentionally while someone hands it to a friend to look at or while someone is cleaning a gun that they think is unloaded. However, every year there are multiple instances in which an individual will fire a round while carrying a gun, even when the gun is supposedly holstered. Reports of guns going off (guns don’t just go off, they get fired) in public restrooms, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. involve unsafe carry practices or unsafe manipulation of a gun that should not be touched. Here are some points to consider:

Safe Holsters

Any gun that is carried on body should be in a safe holster. The primary characteristics of a safe holster are a completely covered trigger guard and adequate retention. With few exceptions, guns should be carried in secure, quality holsters. Even pocket guns, which are designed with long and heavy trigger pulls, should be carried only in a pocket holster when in the pocket. No other objects should accompany the gun/holster combination in the pocket either. There have been numerous instances in which a concealed carrier fired a round through their pocket and into the floor, if not into their foot because they accidentally actuated the trigger of a gun carried without a holster in the pocket. Unacceptable.

Any holster worn on the waistline should safely retain the gun so that there is no possibility of it falling out of the holster, even during vigorous activity. This is an aspect of holster design that many fail to consider; there is a high probability of needing to run fast or getting into a hand-to-hand fight during a defensive gun use. The gun does you no good if it goes skidding across the parking lot when the fight starts. Test your holster with an unloaded gun; can it stand up to vigorous activity? Another consideration for holsters is their resistance to coming off the belt during robust activity. Are the loops or clips well made? Will they break if the holster is tugged on? Will the holster shell itself break during a fight? All things to consider.

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