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Source: USCCA | Repost IRGO 9/21/21

Please, please, please take this to heart! If you own a gun and desire to be responsible, there is a lot you need to know.

This week’s article comes from the USCCA blog. It does a fantastic job of revealing one of the areas of ‘must-have’ knowledge.

I will bet you probably haven’t given a lot of thought to the possibility the police could accidentally shoot you. And that is certainly understandable. But once we start to carry a gun, we have to think about what might happen after using it.

My encouragement to responsible gun owners is to do the mental preparation of thinking through what happens before, during, and after an act of self-defense involving a firearm. We need to be the experts. We need to make an effort to understand the challenges police face when they arrive at the scene of a shooting.

My hope for each of us is that we would desire to be an asset and not a liability when it comes time to sorting out the aftermath of a self-defense shooting. But, knowing the law and being mentally and physically prepared is the key. And hey, it can save your life!

Jim Anthony – IRGO Founder

If you ever hear the command “Police, don’t move!” or “Police, stop!” spoken in a loud and authoritative tone, know that you could be seconds away from losing your life if you fail to react appropriately — and for good reason: These commands were designed for law enforcement officers to distinguish between undercover or off-duty law enforcement officers and everyone else.

An officer knows how to respond appropriately to these commands to avoid being perceived as a threat. While law enforcement officers are trained for this, most legally armed citizens lack training and experience. They risk mistaking a plainclothes or off-duty officer for a criminal or being mistaken by responding officers for an armed attacker. That’s why it is vital to know how to respond appropriately in these kinds of situations.

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