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This post comes from an author on the Lucky Gunner website, Spencer Blue, who is very experienced in law enforcement, military, and training civilians in firearms and the use of force. It is a privilege to have his permission to share this content with Indiana’s responsible gun owners. It’s not possible to overstate that owning a gun isn’t enough. We need to know and understand much to stay safe, be smart, behave legally, and prevail in lawful acts of self-defense.

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Scenario: Armed Robbery

Let’s take a look at a fairly common random crime scenario and then see how the OODA loop is adapted to our hypothetical armed citizen:

Consider a man closing his store for the day. He sets the alarm and locks his door. His conscious mind is occupied with thoughts of where he should stop to buy dinner on his way home as he walks to his car in the parking lot. It’s dark, but security lights illuminate the parking lot enough to see anyone approaching, at least as a silhouette. As he approaches his vehicle, he hears a man ask if he’s got a cigarette lighter.


At this point, we can say Observe is synonymous with “Situational Awareness”. You must be aware of the problem before you can take any further steps. Due to the store owner’s inattention, he is stuck in the first step of “Observe” until the man announces his presence by asking for a lighter…

“…train for more than just the act.”

Spencer Blue

The Following Is A Section From Later In The Article Regarding Real World Victims

In real investigations, I often speak with victims who simply could not get through the OODA loop quickly enough to mount an effective defense. They generally suffered from one or all of the following:

They did not see trouble coming quickly enough to avoid it or to begin to formulate a plan to deal with it (Observe).

When confronted, they entered denial (this isn’t happening to me, he’s just joking, or freezing) and did not adapt their thought processes to the reality now confronting them (Orient).

They had never considered what they would do if confronted with a violent criminal, had minimal or no training, and could not make an acceptable plan as quickly as events unfolded (Decide)…

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