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The thing about violence… it’s not as easy to administer or endure as some gun owners and gun-carrying responsible citizens might believe.

It’s one thing to own and carry a firearm or weapon, it’s another thing entirely to deploy and employ them correctly. This is partially remedied in specific skills training (i.e. going to the range, attending a formal class, etc.) but that is by no means the entirety of it. There are other aspects to consider, not least conditioning and judgment.

It’s Soft Skills September! Throughout this month we will be sharing articles all about soft skills. This article was originally published in December of 2019.

As Varg Freeborn describes it, “…there are two types of conditioning: physical (as in fitness or athletic conditioning) and psychological (as in classical or operant stimulus-response conditioning).” One might safely opine that in addition to their obvious benefit toward the successful application of (deserved and warranted) violence, they also contribute to judgment.

Is this your circus? Are these your monkeys? (See, “The perils of the sheepdog concept”.) Are you prepared for what it’s going to do to you emotionally when you start taking a beating, or when you have to put someone down? Can you stay in the fight long enough to finish it? Are you sufficiently fit and psychologically prepared that you can maintain your mental acuity under stress? (See physical conditioning for violent encounters.)

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