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Source: Shooting Illistrated | Repost IRGO 12/10/2021

At IRGO, we talk about how much there is to know regarding owning a firearm. Today’s article is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Mounting a red dot sight on a pistol is becoming very popular. But this is a decision that involves many considerations. It could change where on your body you choose to carry. It can alter your holster requirements. It’s one more thing that can malfunction. It changes how you acquire a target. And these are just a few things to ponder.

Check out this article from Shooting Illustrated to help you think through one of the most important considerations. How do you make sure you’re aiming the thing right?

As always, stay sharp and stay safe.

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Mounting a red dot reflex sight directly to the slide of a semi-auto pistol has become extremely popular for both competition and personal defense. Having used slide-mounted red dots extensively I’m often asked, on competition ranges or at classes, “What’s the best distance to sight in the red dot?”

That’s not only a valid question, but an important one.

The red dot’s sight axis sits noticeably higher above the bore axis than iron sights. Most slide-mounted reflex sights will position the dot 0.80 to 1.30-inches above the bore. That red-dot sight offset is similar (although not as extreme) to the sight/bore offset on an iron-sighted AR-15. That’s a big factor when compared to the much lower iron handgun sights.

In order for the bullet to impact on the dot (point-of-impact, or POI), the bore and sight axis have to intersect at some point. Since the bore axis is fixed, that means that the red-dot sight axis has to be adjusted to point downward to intersect with it to achieve the point-of-aim (POA). Once the sight axis is pointed downward to intersect with the bore axis it will continue downward along that line, while the bore axis continues on its fixed line.

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